Introducing Renewable Energy is the new book from renewable energy expert Paul Matthews.

Who is this book for?

Introducing Renewable Energy is aimed at anyone who wants a good grounding in renewable energy technologies. Focusing on electricity production, the book assumes no prior knowledge or experience. Whether you are a University student who needs to understand the technology, an enthusiast who wants to build their own system, or someone wanting to evaluate whether a wind turbine or solar photovoltaic system is a wise investment, Introducing Renewable Energy is the best book available for you today.

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A beginners guide to renewable energy

Photovoltaic Solar Power

Solar Power

Find out how you can generate energy from the power of the sun.

Wind Power

Wind Power

Wind power is the fastest-growing renewable energy technology in use today.

Hydroelectric Power

Hydroelectric Power

Hydroelectric power harnesses the power of moving water.

Wave Energy

Wave Energy

How to harness the power of our oceans to generate renewable energy.

Renewable Energy Calculators

  • Solar PV Tools

    Solar PV tools to identify how much solar energy you can get each month at your location, find the optimal angles to mount your solar PV panels and identify the impact of ground temperature on your solar energy performance.

  • Wind Turbine Performance

    Provide us with some basic data about the wind turbine you are considering and the location you plan to put it, our performance calculator will show you estimated performance, broken down on a month-by-month basis.

About the proceeds from this book

The author royalties from this book will be donated to a new fund to design and create a low cost solar energy system for homes and small businesses in third world countries. The project will create a solar power pack with sufficient lighting to light up a home, a built in radio and small appliance charging that can be built for under $10.

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